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Bones by Chris Morgan.


Welcome to the Boneyard!
These pipes are as bare-bones as it gets. We’ve turned a blind eye to flaws on the surface of these pipes to bring you the most honest and affordable briar pipe on the market.
Each pipe has been finished only with a coat of pure carnauba wax to allow the owner to watch it color over the years. All are fitted with an acrylic stem.

The Bones Outdoorsman Series pipes are smaller, more portable, lightweight pipes. All are under 5″ long and have chambers that are 0.7′ wide by 1′ deep. These pipes are perfect for hunters, fishermen, and general outdoorsmen. Grab a Bones and go muck around outside!

​The photos are a few examples of the shapes available but there are many more.
In order to keep the cost down, orders will be filled “grab bag” style. Customers are welcome to make a shape suggestion at checkout, but we CANNOT guarantee your selection. You’ll have the best luck telling me what you DONT want.