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Yves Backstoner Pipes

Yves Backstoner was born in 1979 and lives in Basel, Switzerland.
He studies bespoke shoemaking and this is still his prime job.
For a long time he searched for the best way to enjoy tobacco. In the beginning of 2013 he discovered pipe smoking was for him.
He loves to use his hands so the next step was to make himself a pipe.
Now he has been creating pipes since May 2013 and continues to do so with a great passion.
Each pipe he creates has to convince him and comply with his requirements.
Only if it is good enough to keep for himself, is it good enough for other Pipesmokers.
He made his shoes mostly be freehand, so he also does this through pipe making.
For his pipe he uses the best briar from Corsica and Bog Oak from Germany and Russia.
He makes the mouthpieces out of German Ebonite, Italian Acrylic, Erforyn and Juma.

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